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Hellen Roxx

Don’t you love my yoga pants? Of course you do. They’re so tight and you love how they accentuate my sexy curves, especially my ass. You love it when I bend over in them, don’t you? Addicts like you love to stare at me when I wear my yoga pants. You can’t help it and I don’t blame you. I look fucking hot. So go ahead and stare. Stare at my sexy yoga pants. Jerk off for me. I see you drooling over my bubble butt in these tight yoga pants.

You’re fucking mesmerized by my ass in these yoga pants. I just have to slowly sway in front of you and you are trapped. Trapped by my ass in yoga pants. Just a stupid jerking fool. You’re such a fucking perv for girls in yoga pants. All the girls know when you’re staring at them in their yoga pants. Don’t think that we don’t know pervert!

Now let me pull them down so you can see my sexy naked ass that was under my skin tight pants. They’re so tight it’s like they’re painted on. And you love that. Do you like it better naked or with the pants on? You don’t know, you’re so stupid, so confused. That’s how you get when you’re horny, that’s how I like you. Just an addict for my ass. Worship it loser.

You’re so lucky I take the time to tease you like this. Most girls would run away from perverts like you. But I like controlling you with my ass in yoga pants. It’s so easy. I know you’ll do anything for me when I’m teasing you like this. Now thank me for allowing you the privilege of jerking to my ass in these skin tight yoga pants.
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Luscious Lindsey

How badly do you want to touch my soft, silky, satin panties right over my perfect ass? How badly do you just want to taste and feel every last little curve on my body? Do you feel yourself losing control? You can’t take it, you want it so, so bad. And yet a loser like you just isn’t even close to good enough for someone like me. Not even fucking close. You can just sit there and watch and get addicted, and think about how amazing it would feel if your dick were rubbing against the back of these satin panties and my perfect ass.

But you can’t because you know by now just how fucking pathetic you are. You’ll never get that. You’ll never even fucking come close. You’re just too fucking worthless. Just a pathetic, ass worshiping freak, obsessed with my ass in these cute panties. You can’t stay away from it, no matter how hard you fucking try, can you?

How does it feel to stare at someone as hot as I am and know that you get nothing. Nothing but a hard cock and an empty mind as you jerk and jerk and jerk. You just get teased constantly by what you desire most. And that just happens to be my ass. You just want it so so fucking badly. You can’t control yourself. You need it. How does it feel to need something so badly, that you know you are never going to get? You know you’re not worthy. That’s why you jerk to it.

You’re just a weak brainless loser just like the rest of them that’s just so addicted to my perfect ass. My ass and my body are just so fucking perfect. You’re completely mesmerized by me. I know it loser. I know I have you right now. And you get nothing but to stare at my ass. And you’re grateful for that, aren’t you? Because it really doesn’t get any better than this for you and it never will.
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Cherry Vee

I know that you’re completely addicted to my perfect ass. You’re such a loser for a hot ass. And I’m going to let you worship and stare and drool over my ass. I know you’ve been waiting for this, to see my ass up close. And this is as close as you’ll ever get loser. But you love it, you love that I even let you see it. You know I don’t have to.

Seriously with an ass like this I don’t even have to manipulate you. You already want to do anything for my ass, don’t you? I know that right now you’re lost in my ass. You’re such a fucking ass addict, you fucking loser. The more you stare and jerk the more lost you become. Look how hard you are. Feel it fucking throb for my perfect ass. Stroke to it. I know you already are and I don’t give a fuck, stroke it, get dumb for my ass. Or just stare and don’t touch yourself at all, I don’t give a fuck what you do. Because I already know that my ass has a hold on you.

You’re such a loser for ass, but when it comes to my ass you really don’t know what to do, do you? You’d be lost without my ass in your life. You’re totally addicted to my ass. If I took my ass away, just even for a moment, you’d beg me to put it back on your screen. Let’s try it loser, why don’t you go ahead and beg me to show you my ass. Go on and beg, I want to hear you beg. Do you think you deserve to look at my ass? Of course you don’t, because you are an ass loser. You can’t live without looking at asses, especially mine. What would you do if I denied you my ass? You’d be so lost. Your whole world would crumble. You need it, that’s why you’re begging me.

You are totally addicted to my ass. Beg me to see my ass, beg me to worship it, beg me. Good boy, here you go, there’s your little ass fix. You’re so lucky I’ve allowed you to see my perfect ass again. You’re such a fucking junkie for my ass. You absolutely love my ass. Like I said, I don’t have to try and manipulate you with my ass, it just does it all on it’s own. You’re totally falling for my ass because you know that my ass is perfect. I know you love my ass, I know you’re completely addicted to my ass. And I get to use that to my advantage, and you absolutely love that, don’t you?
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Princess Ellie: CUM 3 TIMES IN 11 MINUTES WITH CEI 720P

I will let you stroke it to my juicy booty! Jerk it! Cum when I say 1, and ONLY when I say 1. Even if that means you have to cum again and again or not at all. Well, of course I made you cum! 3 times in fact, letting that jizz pile up all over your lap. I have a plan for you. A twisted little plan at that… I make you eat up 3 loads of cum like a little sissy loser!
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