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cfnmtv: School Girl Milking Service: The Gripping Continuation (Part 1-12)

Now’s your chance to see the fantastic continuation of Schoolgirl Milking Service never before seen on video!

The schoolboys have been given to the girls to use as guinea pigs and, as young Jimmy is finding out, it means submitting to gross indignities. The Mayoress might have reservations but the girls are backed up by PC Tony – who is also under their control. So they can freely continue humiliating their subject for as long as they want.
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Sex Line Sinema: Self Service Sex #3 Sex Line Sinema: Self Service Sex #3

A new twist on the Self Service Sex series. SSS3 delves into a darker side. These girls all love to masturbate – we know that. But do they like to do it tied up? That’s right. You will see these girls fuck themselves all bound up. Some with their hands, some with toys and some with machines. They fucking love it. And so will you. Sit back and watch these restrained beauties get off just for you.
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As Cassie says, Miss Teasdale’s dedication to teaching is inspirational. She’s prepared to go to great lengths to ensure discipline. With a problem case like Raymond, sometimes extreme measures are called for. But the stern woman is more than able to show this young pup the error of his ways.
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Get a toy ready! It’s time for some anal training. Gaping that asshole wipe and taking it deep. Follow my slutty orders! I love when you are the sluttiest for me and training you is just one step closer to being a good whore for me. Getting you ready for nice juicy big dick. Ready to ease it in that tight butthole of yours? haha
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WHIPPED ASS: Dec 4, 2015 - Mona Wales  and Lisa Tiffian

Horny dominatrix Mistress Mona Wales orders up kinky call girl to entertain her sexy sadistic fantasies with spanking, pussy licking, finger banging, suspension bondage, dick on a stick, fisting, pussy and anal strap-on fucking!
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DEVICE BONDAGE: Nov 27, 2015 - Cherry Torn and The Pope

Cherry Torn is the filthiest masochist around. She plays the top role other places, but today we get to see her in all of her masochistic submissive glory. Her neck is secured to the floor with a steel hinged collar; control the head and you control the body. I’t minimal but effective in making her helpless. It doesn’t take long before we see the real slut in Cherry emerge as she is destroyed in the first scene.

The next scene stays on track with the brutality. There is no down time for this slut, especially since she gets off so hard to being treated like a dirty slut and tormented. It’s animalistic watching the slut come out as she is beaten and punished. The harder the torment the wetter her pussy becomes.

In the final scene we put her in a nasty back bend with one leg up making her pussy available and ready fro fucking. Her body shows al the signs of what kind of torment she has had to endure. The day is almost over slut, you’re so close, don’t give up now.
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TheBondageChannel: Bondage Stars 9

Star 1: christina has that devilish look in her eye. a chained kordelia is in for it. intense tickling, prolonged teasing, and hard whipping are in store for the statuesque blonde. kordi squirms to silk drawn thru her pussy, a 4 minute tickle session and a double whipping.
Star 2: paige finished editing for the site and i needed to check her work. well, why would i want a sexy bondage model just sitting around while i check her work? why not strip her, tie her spread nude with the wand strategically placed to take her slowly to orgasm and let her squirm while i work? when i find a mistake i cum in and whip her. nothing but fun in the workplace here at tbc…
Star 3: charlee chase is laughing. the way she is tied reminds her of a chicken, and shes clucking. my largest ball gag and slapping her around turns giggles to moans. tying the wand to her, cropping her and choking her turns moans to screams. from the scene i did with her before, her pussy is spent. i torture her raw, swollen pussy for another 10 minutes after her orgasm, though she cant cum anymore, just to teach my little chicken a lesson she wont soon forget…
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DEVICE BONDAGE: Oct 23, 2015 - The Pope  and Serena Blair

Serena has been known to have a bratty streak in the past. She is super hot and maybe that has given her a reason to have such an attitude. It is not my job to figure this out, but rather control this attitude with torment and suffering. She is restrained with multiple devices that all keep her vulnerable and helpless. Each position is designed to give full access to the part of her body to be brutalized. Every position ensures her suffering, screams, agony, and pleasure.
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